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Licensed in Ohio and Federal Court

Services focused on Northwest Ohio

Outside Northwest Ohio on Case by Case Basis

Outside the State of Ohio with Local Counsel Only

Environmental Law

Is your Ohio business in a dispute with the EPA or state attorney general’s office over environmental issues? Have you missed deadlines and absorbed fines? As your lawyer, Timothy J Walerius can protect your rights in courts throughout the state when you are accused of violations.

Insurance Disputes

Do you have a disagreement with an insurance company over the status or the amount of a claim? Timothy J Walerius can protect or help you resolve your claim. Insurance claims are detailed oriented cases, but he will help you navigate all the legal issues.

Construction Law

Plaintiffs and defendants in construction disputes need experienced, construction and legal representation that increases chances of a favorable outcome in court. Timothy J Walerius handles claims related to defects, allegations of substandard workmanship and breaches of contract.

Where Law, Science And Solutions Meet

Timothy J Walerius has more than 20 years of successful service in Toledo, Ohio, and throughout the state in environmental and construction law. Tim has made a difference in the lives of his clients whether they are bringing a legal action or defending against legal claims. Licensed in Ohio and Federal Court. Services focused on Northwest Ohio. Outside Northwest Ohio on case by case basis. Outside the State of Ohio with local counsel only.


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