Business owners with commercial property and individuals who are homeowners may pose risks for environmental hazards that attract the attention of Ohio state government.

Experienced environmental law attorney Timothy J Walerius, founder of the Law Office of Timothy J Walerius, Ltd., has a unique perspective regarding environmental issues — and provides attentive, aggressive representation for anyone who finds himself or herself in dispute with the Attorney General’s office.

Tim’s background includes an internship with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Environmental Division; industrial experience as a corporate engineer responsible for hazardous waste and wastewater treatment; and experience as an environmental consultant. His undergraduate education in chemistry and engineering is a real asset in dealing with environmental issues.

After many years spent assisting individuals and businesses in becoming compliant with the law, Tim has the experience negotiating with regulatory agencies to minimize the costs associated with environmental issues. It is almost always true, in environmental cases, that involvement by an attorney early in the matter tends to resolve the matter sooner and with less expense. Tim is highly familiar with various effective methods of dispute resolution, highly skilled at negotiation with the government and forceful when called upon to litigate in court.

Do not allow a potential environmental issue with regulatory compliance, toxic chemicals, asbestos, lead-based paint or other potential hazards to fester, to the detriment of the company you worked so hard to build. Call Tim today if you think you may be facing an environmental issue.

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