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Business Contract Negotiation, Drafting And Review Services For Ohio Environmental And Construction Clients

Contracts are the lifeblood of American business, legitimizing corporate relationships with employees, clients, partners, franchisees and vendors, among others. These documents set reasonable expectations for the making of a promise that should be abided by parties on both sides.

As with any institution presided over by human beings, however, imperfections, uncertainties and inconsistencies in contracts can arise, affecting their enforcement.

Are you in need of sound legal guidance for the negotiation, drafting or review of a contract in Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas? Whether the contract covers environmental services, construction services or supplies or settlement of a dispute or legal issue the Law Office of Timothy J Walerius, Ltd. can help.

During his more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer, Tim has cultivated a keen interest in contract issues. As an engineer, he has firsthand experience in their drafting, interpretation, and enforcement. He understands that when there is a dispute over timing, changes in circumstances, poor workmanship and a whole host of other issues, simple confusion can develop into a legal nightmare. Tim has seen problems because a contract was too simple and did not address all common issues. He has also reviewed contracts that were too complex, incorporating drawings, documents and other agreements.

Tim’s attention to detail, honed from education and employment as a chemist and engineer, has prepared him to serve clients in this specialized area of law. Environmental contracts and construction contracts disputes require a commitment to reading and rereading an entire agreement, combined with extensive research to come up with the most options available to a client.

Understanding your options and, more importantly, possible pitfalls is critical in how to approach the resolution of a contract dispute. It is well worth the money to have a contract reviewed by an attorney before you sign it, than to pay an attorney to litigate a dispute over a contract you have already signed.

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