The price to be paid in going to trial, to resolve a dispute, is always a potentially heavy one.

Obvious possible disadvantages of litigation at the state and federal levels include:

  • The burden of paying for an attorney to prepare and litigate the matter
  • The time the client must invest in preparing for depositions, testifying at trial and gathering information to assist the attorney in litigation
  • Missed time from work, family and favorite pastimes
  • Anxiety over a trial date set roughly two years from the date that litigation starts
  • An emotional investment — the stress and strain created by the entire process, waking up at night thinking or worrying about this or that, and concern over the prospect that the verdict may not turn out as you hope.
  • Even the winning of a judgment for money can be fraught with uncertainty. The “winner” may have difficulty collecting the damage award, especially if the defendant files for bankruptcy.
  • In the event of such a delay, or a negative outcome, the cost of filing an appeal which normally comes with additional expenses

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