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Experienced Environmental Law Attorney With More Than 20 Years Of Experience

The Law Office of Timothy J Walerius, Ltd., in Toledo, represents the rights of small and midsized businesses that are in dispute with other companies or regulatory agencies on matters of environmental hazards, alleged violations, fines and deadlines.

As your attorney, Tim uses his unique background as lawyer, chemist and engineer to cover the full gamut of client concerns. His decades of successful service are based on insights from deep legal knowledge, methods of dispute resolution and a reputation for positive results.

The Environmental Firm Where Law, Science And Solutions Meet

Environmental regulations at the local, state and federal level are truly a minefield that must be navigated with great care. Anyone who gets caught up in the bureaucracy, mind-numbing requirements and potential public attention associated with these issues could easily be overwhelmed.

Timothy J Walerius has the science background to understand the problem, the legal training to understand the statutes and the experience to negotiate effectively with the regulatory individuals.

Common issues that may arise include:

  • Bringing company operations into compliance with local, state and federal regulatory laws
  • Addressing issues related to the accidental release of one or more chemicals into the air, water or on to the ground
  • Toxic tort issues related to workers exposed to hazardous chemicals
  • Real estate transactions involving environmentally impaired or potentially impaired property
  • Issues related to asbestos and lead-based paint

Liability under environmental statutes frequently takes current owners or tenants by surprise because they did not deposit hazardous substances on the site — or they knowingly or negligently allowed unsafe conditions to persist on the property. The old saying “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” can be a costly lesson for the property or business owner who fails to comprehend and understand this complex area of the law.

Once liability attaches, it can seem limitless, and the costs associated with liability also are virtually limitless. You can put an end to this downward spiral — with the help of the Law Office of Timothy J Walerius, Ltd.

To arrange an initial consultation — and an in-depth discussion of pollution and environmental issues affecting your home or business — call 419-241-2300 or send an email message.

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