Mechanic’s liens are sometimes essential to construction contractors and materials suppliers. These liens allow them to protect their right to payment. If the property owner or developer refuses to pay for the labor and supplies, the contractors or suppliers can potentially seek to have the property foreclosed upon and sold.

Because mechanic’s liens can be a point of great contention and always involve specific legal requirements, it’s worthwhile to engage the help of a lawyer skilled in construction litigation. The Law Office Timothy J Walerius, Ltd. is a trusted choice for clients in Toledo and throughout Ohio who have questions or concerns about mechanic’s liens.

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Be Aware Of The Time Limits

Contractors and suppliers must adhere to strict time frames when filing mechanic’s liens in Ohio. Typically, the deadlines are:

60 days from the final day of work for a residential home
75 days from the final day of work for a commercial building
120 days from the final day of work for oil or gas wells

Filing the mechanic’s lien with the county recorder’s office is only the first step. Next, the lien must be served on the property owner. This must happen within 30 days of the time the lien is filed at the county recorder’s office.

Notices Of Commencement And Furnishing

A commercial property owner has the option of filing a notice of commencement. At this point, many construction contractors and related parties must take prompt steps to protect their rights. One such step may involve serving a notice of furnishing.

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