I am a stockholder in a corporation that operates a mobile home court. The corporation was sued by the Ohio Attorney Generals’ Office regarding the testing of the water wells servicing the mobile home court. After hiring an attorney, who ran up substantial fees, we hired Tim Walerius. Tim stepped into litigation that had been on-going for some time and quickly came up to speed and after meeting with the court and counsel for the Ohio Attorney Generals’ Office, negotiated a settlement of pending fines in excess of one million dollars to less than a tenth of what was being pursued. Tim also negotiated a payment plan which was interest free. Tim’s involvement was less than 30 days and his fee was remarkably small. Throughout this process the respect, admiration and financial security Tim achieved for me through the intelligent approach of my legal problem put me at ease.

Jim M.

I purchased a home and several years later found out there was an underground fuel oil storage tank on the property. This was discovered after a leak developed and oil made its way into my home and drainage system. Oil could have made its way to Lake Erie via a ditch in front of my home from across the street. Various federal, state and local agencies were involved in the containment and clean up. I hired Tim Walerius and he negotiated with the various agencies. He showed how I could contain the fuel spill on site and any oil that was found from another source. Through his efforts I only paid a fraction of the cost they tried to claim was owed. I found Tim to be easy to work with, he explained things and kept me informed throughout the entire process.

Robert S.

As the owner of an asbestos abatement company I have used Attorney Tim Walerius at various times for various issues ranging from environmental to contract disputes. Tim researches legal issues and proposes workable solutions. His engineering background truly sets him apart from other lawyers. He is easy to reach and I have found him to respond in a very timely fashion. He has answered many questions right over the telephone. Tim is unlike any lawyer I have worked with and highly recommend him. I would not hesitate to use him in the future.

Russ C.


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